Air Dreamer 1: the glamping tent for your dream holiday!

We present to you one of the most innovative and popular facilities.

Would you like to experience a glamping holiday in a quaint, comfortable and cosy accommodation? Our Air Dreamer 1 tent is just what you're looking for!

Available at the Vallicella Glamping Resort and the Vacanze Glamping Boutique, this accommodation is ideal for couples or groups of friends, as it can accommodate a maximum of 3 people. The accommodation has a small surface area of approximately 10 square metres, in which it will still be able to offer you all the comforts and services you will need to fully enjoy your holiday.

Mainly characterised by light, solid and elegant wood, the accommodation has a well-equipped kitchenette for cooking, as well as a complete bathroom with shower. Above the living area, on the other hand, you will find a room with a particular tent shape: it is composed of a comfortable double bed and a single bed, and is accessed by taking a practical and sturdy internal ladder.

Situated in the most picturesque and scenic areas of our resorts, the Air Dreamer 1 will give you an unforgettable open-air experience in contact with nature!